You've got QUESTIONS! We've got ANSWERS...

Who's behind Oz Lens Rental?

Oz Lens Rental Founder Ben FewtrellME! Ben Fewtrell, you might know me from www.on3legs.com, I am a passionate photographer too... I started Oz Lens Rental to give you one place you could go to hire lenses and camera gear. I have a vision to be the leading lens and camera equipment rental website in Australia, the 'go to' place for photographers when you need something for a shoot, maybe you're heading on a holiday and want to take a bit of gear you dont have, or you just want to try a new camera or lens before you take the plunge and buy one for yourself. Whatever the reason, I want to make the whole process simple! No Deposits, No Bonds and No need to run around pickup up and dropping off gear, we'll do that un-fun stuff for you. 

I truly hope you enjoy dealing with Oz Lens Rental and encourage you to make direct contact with me if you have questions, suggestions or want to say hi! You can call on 1300 66 99 28 or use the contact page and send me message.

About our Lenses

Are the lenses in good condition?

Yep! All our lenses are kept in great condition. We’re photographers too, and we check each lens when they come back from every rental. Of course, just like anything that is regularly used, they will show signs of wear and tear, in the rare chance you find something wrong with one our lenses or any of our gear, let us know!

What comes with the Lens?

Every lens will ship with front and back lens caps, tripod collar and lens hood (if applicable) and in some cases they may also be shipped in a lens case. It’s important that you make sure everything that arrives with your order, is packed for return. You will be charged for anything that is missing.

Can you help me decide what Lens I should rent?

Absolutely. Each lens has reviews by other users or one of our team, and if you need more help we’re always happy to answer your questions. Simply contact us with your question and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. You can also call us and talk to a real live person! 

Damage and Insurance

What happens if I damage the lens?

Firstly, you MUST contact us immediately if you damage our equipment to let us know. Whilst the lens is in your possession, you are responsible for making sure you do your best to keep it out of harms way. Our agreement states if the equipment is broken you are responsible either for replacing it or paying for repairs. We understand that accidents happen, and if you have paid a damage waiver you will reduce your liability. In some cases your own home contents, car, travel or business insurance may cover it. So first, take a deep breath and let us know what has happened. We can then assess the damage and the circumstances. If the damage was due to your negligence, then you will be asked to pay for repair or replacement in full, even the damage waiver wont help you! If the damage was due to a fair dinkum accident, and you have paid the damage waiver, then all you have to pay is 10% of the replacement value OR 100% of the cost to repair the lens (whichever is less). Replacement value is on the ‘Lens Manifest’ that is included with the lens.

What is considered ‘Damage’?

Any major scratches to the glass elements, or the body/barrel, dents, impact damage, cracks, dust, sea spray, sand and paint. Basically, besides a minor hairline scratch, anything else that degrades the lens or equipment is considered damage. Look after it as if you own it!

Can I get insurance to cover the lens?

Unfortunately, insurance is not available for purchase through us. You may find your Home Contents, Car, Business, Credit Card or Travel insurance may cover the lens. For your peace of mind it could be a good idea to check with your insurance company, otherwise, we offer a Damage Waiver that may reduce your liability. 

How does the Damage Waiver work?

Simply put, you pay a fee at ‘check out’ at the time of renting to reduce your liability. Any major scratches to the glass elements, or the body/barrel, dents, impact damage, cracks, dust, sea spray, sand and paint and/or anything else that degrades the lens is considered damage. As long as damage is not caused by your negligence, and the lens is in a condition that it can still be recognized, it may be covered by the damage waiver. The damage waiver does not cover loss of, or theft of, or, if the lens cannot be recognized or identified. If the lens is lost, stolen or damaged beyond recognition you will be required to pay the replacement value in full as stated on the ‘Lens Manifest’ that was included with the lens.

What is considered negligence?

Putting the lens into a position that is ‘risky’ is considered negligent. For example, strapping the lens to the roof of your car and driving down the road, taking the lens in the surf, or suspended above water would be considered ‘risky’ and damage caused by the lens falling off the car roof or being hit by a wave or you dropping it into the water, but not limited to, would be considered negligent. Just take care of our gear as if you own it and you’re likely to avoid being negligent. If at any time, and by any means you are found to be negligent, your account will be suspended and you will not be able to rent lenses or anything from us again.

The business stuff

Do you charge a deposit?

Nope! When you become a registered user your ID is verified. This gives us the security we need without charging you a deposit. Most companies will put a 'Freeze' on your card or make an actual transaction on your card for the deposit amount, they usually will refund this when you return the gear but sometimes this refund can take a long time, don't get caught by this trap.

How Can I pay?

We accept Mastercard, Visa and Paypal.

When is my credit card charged?

Your credit card is charged at the time of checkout. Gear will not be shipped until payment is approved. 

Do you charge a fee when I use my credit card?

Nope! The fees are on us! 

Do you keep my credit card on file?

Nope, this would be way too risky! You will have to enter your card details for each purchase or you can use Paypal if you want it to be easier! 

What if i cancel my order? 

As long as you cancel your order 5 business days or more prior to your nominated rental start date, nothing will happen and there will be no cost to you (You will recieve a full refund) unless we have already given your item(s) to the shipping company, if we have packed your gear and given it to the shipping comany you will be charged a $50 fee. If it's within 4 business days of your nominated rental start date you are required to pay $100 if it has not left the shipper, If it has left the shipper and is in transit to you, then the minimum rental fee (Usually 3 days) will apply. You will be refunded the difference between the fees payable and the amount you paid.

Can I return an order early for a refund?

Nope. Once you have received your lens you can return it early, but we’re unable to issue a refund for the difference between the originally agreed terms and the actual time used. Any reduction in the agreed rental period needs to be made 24 hours prior to us shipping the lens to you (usually 3 business days prior to your rental start date), in this case, charges will be adjusted according to the new nominated rental period.

Refund Policy

If you're not happy with a product or service that Oz Lens Rental have supplied to you and are seeking a partial or full refund, all we require is that you make an application in writing to refund@ozlensrental.com.au as to why you are seeking a refund and what we could have done better to resolve the issue for you. We will then carefully consider your refund request and process it with 72 hours of receiving the request. If you have any further questions about our refund policy, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 66 99 28.


What time will my package arrive?

Unfortunately, we cannot say exactly when it will arrive as there are too many variable factors when sending shipments all over Australia. All of our shipments have online tracking so we will be able to see where your lens is at any point in time. 

Can I get my item Next Day?

Standard shipping takes 2 days. For delivery within 48 hours of your order you must select Express Shipping on checkout. To make sure you get your gear on time, please allow 2 days for delivery as a minimum. If you need your gear urgenty, please contact us and we'll see if we can help.

Can you guarantee my order will arrive on time?

If you have a deadline, be smart and book it to arrive at least a day early! We use third party freight companies to deliver your order and sometimes things happen that are out of our control. The default shipping takes 2 days, however, if you’re in an area that is not serviced with regular shipping, it may take a little longer to get to you. Quite often we send your lens a day early anyway, but just don’t count on it. Our Tip: If you are renting a lens that you MUST HAVE by a specific date, ask for it to arrive a day earlier than you actually need it. It will give you a day to get to know your lens anyway! 

Is a signature required?

Yes. We never leave a shipment without someone signing for it (has to be an adult). If no one is available to sign for the delivery it will be available at a local depot/Post Office for collection, or in some cases a re-delivery may be able to be made. We suggest you have it shipped to an address that you know someone will be there to accept and sign for it.

I won’t be home to sign for it, can you waive the signature required?

No. Every shipment has to be signed for on delivery. We suggest you have it shipped to an address that you know someone will be there to accept and sign for it. If this is not possible we have a few other options. We will find a solution so you can pick it up somewhere close to where you live. Give us a call or email us to find out more.

Do you ship to hotels?

No. There is too great a risk of the lens going missing at a hotel and you will never receive it, and we may never see it again. If you’re traveling and would like a lens delivered to you we can arrange for you to pick it up from an Australia Post office or one of our shipping partner depots, you will be required to pick it up in person with proof of ID and you must already be a registered user that has hired in the past. 

Do you ship to P.o.Boxes?

The short answer... No. But you can send it to a nominated Post Office for collection. The Post Office will require ID for you to pick it up. Please let us know this is what you would like to do.

How do I ship the lens back to you?

Easy! We include a return shipping label in the package, simply replace the original shipping label with the return shipping label and drop it off at your local post office or one of our shipping partners depots (this will be clearly indicated in your package) by 5pm on the Rental end date. In some cases, we may even pick it up from your place! Remember, Rentals cannot end on a Saturday or Sunday as there is no shipping is available.

Can I get a lens ‘same day’?

Maybe... I know, you’re after a Yes or No. It depends on too many variables. If you’re in Sydney like us, and you call us early in the day, there is a chance we can work out a way to get you a lens ‘same day’. It could also be possible for other states, once again, it depends on what time you let us know you’re after a lens and where in Oz you are, and of course, how much you’re prepared to spend on courier fees! 

Can I pick up in Person?

Yes you can. Generally, all of our lenses are delivered via a courier/postal network, pick up may be available from one of distribution partners near you. You will still incur a shipment fee as the pick up location is usually a post office or shipping partner depot unless prior arrangements are made.

What happens if the lens is damaged during shipping?

We pack all of our lenses carefully, and it is highly unlikely that a lens would be damaged during the shipping process. Remember, once you sign for the lens you are accepting responsibility for the lens. If the packaging is damaged in any way during shipping to you, we suggest not signing for the lens without checking it first (try it on your camera if you can). If the lens is damaged, DO NOT sign for it. Let them know they have damaged the lens in transit, take photos of the damaged packaging and equipment (with your smart phone will do) then contact us ASAP and we will do our best to get you a replacement. If a lens is damaged in the shipping process, you are not liable. However, if our lens arrives back to us damaged and the packaging is in tact, or the damage has obviously been done before being sent back, you will be liable.

Extensions and Late returns

Can I extend my rental?

Yes and No, this is something that our website developers are still wokring on. We will have this option for you soon. in the meantime, please call us to discuss if you can extend.

What happens if I cannot extend my rental?

Sometimes you will want to keep a lens longer than your original booking, unfortunately, if someone else has reserved the lens then you will have to return the lens by the due date.

If an extension is not available and you do not return the lens, we will have to turn your account over to a legal collections agency. The amount sent to collections is the retail cost of the items, plus our expenses in attempting to collect from you. Even if you send the equipment back, you will still owe all fees incurred by us from the collection agency. We cannot take it back, undo it, stop it or reverse it. Also, we will exhaust all civil and criminal remedies available in pursuing the matter.

What happens if I return the lens late?

Hopefully you will behave yourself and return it on time, in the rare case that you forget, or something unforeseen happens and you’re unable to get the lens back to us on time, contact us immediately to let us know. You will be charged a daily fee for each day the lens is late. It is calculated at the daily rate of the minimum hire charge (usually 3 days). We will attempt to send you a reminder 24 hours before the lens is due back and it’s a good idea to put a reminder in your diary, smart phone or calendar. If you are consistently returning our lenses late and not letting us know, we will have to suspend your account and you will not be able to rent lenses from us. You are not liable for delays in shipping, so long as you lodged the package for return by 5pm on or before the current rental end date you will not incur any late fees. 

How are late fees calculated?

Late fees are calculated using the daily rental rate from the shortest available rental term for the lens you hired. For example, say the lens you hired has a minimum 3 day hire period, and that 3 day period is $240, that's $80 a day. You will be charged $80 per day until the lens is returned. Remember, you cannot extend your rental once it is late. It’s important to think ahead if you want to apply for a rental extension.

What’s the shortest rental period?

3 days is our minimum.

Other Questions

What if I want a lens you don’t seem to carry?

Contact us. We’re always adding stock to our rental equipment, and quite often we add it because you asked for it! In most cases, we can source new stock in just a couple of days and have it ready for you to hire. 

Will you price match other rental companies?

No. We have created a business model and priced our rental equipment at a rate that means we can deliver you great service, employ a high standard of equipment maintenance, a website that’s easy to use with high security so your details are safe, and overall, a business that will benefit us all. Instead of dropping our prices we have raised our service to guarantee you’ll have a great experience when renting your lenses from us. 

Can I take the lens on holiday out of Australia?

Sure can, remember, you are liable for the lens at all times, no matter where you are. We would suggest you make sure your travel insurance has you covered just in case something happens during your trip. You are required to let us know at check out in the special nnotes section if you’re taking the lens on a holiday, but that is all. All other conditions apply.

How is the Rental Period Calculated?

Your rental starts at 5pm on the day you sign for the delivery, or, the first delivery attempt is made, or, the date on which you nominated as your rental start date (whichever is the latest), so don’t panic if it arrives a day early, we do this sometimes to make sure you get it on time. In the case that it’s early, your rental period does not start until your nominated rental start date at 5pm, so you get some bonus time to get to know the lens! And if the unforeseen happens and we’re late, your rental won’t start until 5pm on the day we attempt to deliver it, or you sign for the delivery. Your rental period ends 5pm on the final day of the rental period. For example, if you had a 3 day rental, and your rental start date is a Monday and you receive the lens on that day, your rental period will end 5pm on Thursday and must be lodged for shipment back to us by 5pm that day. Rentals cannot begin or end on Saturday, Sunday or public holiday as there is no shipping available.

Can a Rental Period Start or End on a Weekend?

Rentals cannot begin or end on Saturday, Sunday or public holiday as there is no shipping available.